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Tito Puente's Latin Music

Seeing yourself on tape can be a good confidence builder. It is also a great way to build on their knowledge of music and the instruments used to create different types of music. How to Do a Presentation in Class. It can make people move in many ways. If you want to improve your public speaking skills, musicians like Tito Puente can serve as role models.

A program like Microsoft Publisher would be useful for creating the actual logo. I suggest drawing or sketching something freehand first. The files can be saved in many different formats and sizes. Above all he is remembered as someone who loved what he did; he himself said: My music is supposed to make people happy. Even further, Count Basie and Stan Kenton! Music from their own culture is also a great way to get their attention.

The Presentation of the Story Dracula by the Filmmakers Essay

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